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Heltec Indoor Hotspot


Power button description

Short press: Restart the device. Press longer than three seconds: System shutdown. The blue light of power button flashes five minutes. After the device is powered on, or reset, the bluetooth can be found and paired again. The blue light on power button will continue to blink for five minutes after the system is turned on, or reset, and the hotspot bluetooth will be activated. If bluetooth is not connected within five minutes, it will be automatically turned off.


Heltec Indoor Hotspot

Heltec Indoor Hotspot is an efficient miner for a new cryptocurrency, Helium (HNT). This IoT Hotspot miner is completely easy to set up in minutes using only your smart devices with its efficient power management system. It allows you to build up your LoRa application at a lower cost, equipped with the high DBI antenna. The unit provides a long-range of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for your devices that ensure you more profit and contributes to The People’s Network of Helium community.

Heltec Indoor Hotspot has a cooling fan inside, which can be used to take away the heat generated by the operation of the system to ensure long-time stable operation.
Heltec is actively becoming a third-party hardware manufacturer for the Helium network.As of July 28, 2021, more than 100K gateways have been deployed worldwide, providing extensive LongFi network coverage around us. This provides a good hardware foundation for future LoRaWAN applications.

Heltec is an IOT products manufacturer and a passionate supporter of The People’s Network officially approved by Helium. With our extensive experience in the field of electronics design as well as the innovative creation, we are bringing a user-friendly Hotspot to The Helium community.

Main hardware

CPU: Quad-core Cortex A53 64 bit 1.5 GHz.

RAM: 2 Gb DDR4.

ROM: 32 Gb eMMC 5.0.

LoRa baseband : SX1308 + SX 1255/7 chipset.

Network Connection

Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz/5GHz

Body size

Footpads and SMA antennas are required for some products.

120mm x 115mm x 35mm 3.6″ x 3.2″ x 1.4″.

Interface and interactive This product has 5.5mm socket, RJ45 socket, anti-theft lock hole, power button with blue LED, SMA socket, type C socket, 1mm diameter hole. It can be used as an electric charger, wireless network adapter, mobile phone charging station, etc.

This product has 5.5mm diameter socket, 12V DC power source, RJ45 socket, anti-theft lock hole, power button with blue LED, SMA socket, type C socket, 1mm diameter hole.

Status indication LEDs

Power Button with Blue LED

Five minutes blinking after power-on, Bluetooth can be connected at this time;

The Bluetooth connection is successful or the flickering stops after five minutes of booting.

Light up: System running.

Blue Wi-Fi connection status

Blink: Syncing

Steady ON: synchronization is over

Green LoRa receive

Red LoRa transmit

Source: heltec.org

Heltec Indoor Activation process

Helium App works well with Android devices. You need to connect the antenna first and then connect the hotspot to the device using the USB port. After connecting the hotspot to the phone, you can use the app to connect to the hotspot. Power on the hotspot and wait until the orange light is on or flashing. Once the light is on or flashing, you can see that Bluetooth is turned on. Then select the hotspot from the list of available networks. Finally, you can connect to the hotspot by using the Bluetooth connection.

Ethernet is the most common type of network connection used by computers today. Wi-Fi is an alternative wireless networking technology.

Additional information


AU915, EU868, US915


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